Schools all across the UK have now been given Sports Grants to help promote sports and increased physical activity in primary school children. The funding is “ringfenced” and can only be spent on PE and sport within the school. The premium must be used to fund additional and sustainable improvements to the provision of PE and sport. It is to benefit primary-aged pupils and to encourage the development of healthy, active lifestyles.

As a school, our main aims for this year’s funding are to:

  • ensure that 100% of our P.E teaching is of good or better teaching standard
  • have 90% of children in KS2 attend an after-school club or intra school competition
  • offer new after school activities that will engage different groups of pupils
  • further increase girls sporting provision and opportunities
  • support our Abbey Sporting Future (ASF) to continue their development in coaching, learning and delivery to help aid their and other children’s sporting education.

As a school our aim and purpose through P.E is to ensure we improve every child’s sporting chance and will be focusing on all aspects of physical education. We will be focusing on the childs: physical, technical, psychological and social approach to sport and how we can ensure their health and well-being is the best it can be. We passionately believe that children should have competitive opportunities for sport but should also foster a sporting appetite which will see them to a healthy future.

AMPA PE and Sports Premium 2023 2024 Plans

AMPA PE and Sports Premium 2022 2023

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