At Abbey Mead, we encourage pupils to make connections between their learning in school and at home.

Our approach is to ensure that homework is exciting, realistic and supports the learning experiences of pupils in school. Teachers select and set homework that builds upon current and previous learning to build a secure and long lasting understanding of our curriculum.

Teachers set weekly homework which is communicated through our ‘Learning Links’ books.

A typical week of homework will include:

  • Regular reading (Pupils are given books that are matched to their ability. We encourage pupils to read at home daily)
  • Spellings practice (Pupils will bring home a set of appropriately matched spellings each week).
  • A literacy and a maths task

In addition to weekly homework, teachers set family challenges at the beginning of each new topic.  These are aimed at launching new learning and provide pupils with knowledge to anchor their learning.

If you have any questions regarding homework, please speak to your child’s class teacher.

Links to useful websites and learning platforms can be found in our ‘Pupil Portal‘ tab.

You might also find information under our curriculum tab on our website helpful.  These sections provide greater detail about Abbey Mead’s curriculum and provide information about supporting your child’s learning at home, including details about our method of teaching reading and how to help your children learn to read.

As always, we appreciate your support with reading at home and the completion of homework.  These are valuable learning experiences which can have a significant impact on your child’s confidence and ability.