At Abbey Mead Primary Academy, we are committed to ensuring that all children have a well-rounded and balanced curriculum that promotes both academic education and a social education to prepare all pupils for their future in modern day Britain. 

To meet both aims, as well as following the statutory national curriculum we have developed our own school curriculum that allows all pupils to be engaged with the SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural) aims outlined by the government. 

On top of our curriculum, we are proud of so many of the other activities that we do in school that help our pupils to develop their social and emotional wellbeing. Our weekly assemblies – that so many parents attend – help us reward the great things that our pupils do and is just one of the ways we help our pupils feel proud about themselves and their school. 

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AMPA Primary Curriculum Intent

AMPA – How is Personal Development fostered in our school – 22-23