We will provide all of our children with a broad, relevant and enriched curriculum so that they have the character to make a positive contribution to our society and are knowledgeable, skilled and ready for the next phase of their education.
At Abbey Mead, we aim to provide a curriculum which equips learners with a conceptual understanding of the fundamentals of Maths which will prepare them for their next stage of learning and adult life. We have a strong emphasis on the Concrete Pictorial Abstract (CPA) approach where pupils are supported to develop their understanding of conceptual ideas using concrete resources and pictorial representations before moving on to more abstract concepts.
We expose children to varied fluency in order to practice the fundamentals of Maths and retrieve knowledge rapidly. This allows them to apply the knowledge to increasingly complex reasoning and problem-solving questions. We encourage children to develop justification using mathematical language, make rich connections and persevere in seeking solutions.

Maths Software

In order to help support the pupils’ learning, we use Times Tables Rock Stars. The children can log onto this system at home to further their learning in their own time. Please click on the logo to visit this online system.

The creators of Times Tables Rock Stars have produced a platform called NumBots. NumBots is an online game which will significantly improve a child’s recall and understanding of number bonds, addition and subtraction. These are critical foundations in maths so we are excited about the impact NumBots will have.

Useful websites

Times Tables Rock Stars: Play (ttrockstars.com)

NumBots | Motivational maths practice for schools and families

KS2 Maths – BBC Bitesize

Home Learning | White Rose Maths

Learning to Count with these fun Counting Games (topmarks.co.uk)

Learn to Count with fun Counting Games for KS1 Children (topmarks.co.uk)

Ordering and Sequencing Numbers Games (topmarks.co.uk)

Subject Policies/Plans

Long Term Plan & Objective Overview
Maths Policy
Vocabulary Progression
Calculation Policy
Maths Progression Map

Subject Leader/s

  • Miss N Kaur
  • Mrs S Ali
  • Mrs R Rehman


Teachers regularly post amazing examples of Math learning on our Abbey Mead Twitter feed. Have a look at our twitter feed and the document below to see fantastic learning in action.

Celebrating Successes in Maths