We will provide all of our children with a broad, relevant and enriched curriculum so that they have the character to make a positive contribution to our society and are knowledgeable, skilled and ready for the next phase of their education.

Oracy at Abbey Mead Primary Academy is paramount to aid children’s academic, social and emotional development. It is an area that underpins all other areas of learning, which is why it is greatly valued and taught to all children at Abbey Mead. Our aim is to equip children with the confidence to articulate their thoughts and ideas so that children not only flourish in school, but also in wider society. Research has shown that possessing strong oracy skills supports individuals to thrive and reach their aspirations.

At Abbey, we encourage oracy in multiple ways. Our curriculum enables children to learn to talk, as well as learning through talk. Children are encouraged to engage in high quality talk with others to support themselves and their peers.

Children across the school have created ‘Oracy guidelines’, which allow children to remember and refer to the rules of great oracy. Here are some great examples from Year 3 and Year 5.

In Maths, children learn through both fluency and reasoning activities. Children are encouraged to engage in high quality talk to allow them to articulate their thoughts confidently and respond appropriately to others. Here are some Year 3 children using their oracy skills to explain how they tackled a question.

In English, exploratory talk helps children to formulate new ideas, deepening their thinking. Children have lots of opportunities to carry out group discussions, explaining their own thoughts and reasons whilst analysing those of others. Here are some Year 5 children discussing the front cover of their new book, Stormbreaker, in one lesson, whilst in another they had to persuade their partners to buy some exciting new products using their best reasoning skills.

Subject Leader/s

Miss H Fagan & Mrs S Sidyot


Thanks to the focus on oracy across the curriculum, children at Abbey are developing their talk skills and growing in confidence when speaking.  Teachers regularly post amazing examples of oracy learning.   Have a look on our Abbey Mead Twitter feed to see some fantastic oracy in action. #AbbeyOracy