In the past the academy has relied on paper newsletters, some of which don’t get home. We also aim to be as green as possible and so are reluctant to print too much.

In recent years Abbey has introduced more electronic communications and we have found this to be much more reliable in getting information home quickly and easily. However, it is therefore essential that you keep the academy up to date with your latest details, in particular a current mobile phone number so that you can receive text messages and an email address. If you don’t have an email address at home and would like help in setting one up we are more than happy to help. Just call the academy and ask to speak to Mr Kharodia.

Often the best way for you to contact us is via email.

This website is also an excellent source of information and you can follow us on;

Twitter at


Weduc is an online portal and app that focuses on improving communication between school and parents. It allows parents and carers to receive messages from the school and have access to our school newsfeed, calendar, and notice board.

What does Weduc do?

  • An inbox where you can receive messages from the school.
  • A newsfeed, with the latest reports on activities in school. This is similar to a Facebook feed, where you can like and comment on news.
  • A noticeboard, highlighting important events and deadlines.
  • A Parent Portal, where you see key information about your child, such as attendance.

How can I access Weduc?

Weduc is available as an app for a smartphone or tablet. You can download the Weduc app from your App Store or Google Play.  You can also access its as a normal website at:

I haven’t had an enrolment code

Please contact the school’s office on 0116 266 1809 or email: [email protected]

How do I log in to Weduc?

You should use the enrolment code sent to either your mobile phone or email account.

I haven’t enrolled in Weduc but I received some messages from it

Even if you haven’t enrolled with Weduc, we can use it to send messages to you using your email address or mobile phone number (if we have them stored on our school database). However, the best way to receive messages is via the Weduc app, so we strongly advise that you use it. This will also give you access to all the additional features listed earlier.