We will provide all of our children with a broad, relevant and enriched curriculum so that they have the character to make a positive contribution to our society and are knowledgeable, skilled and ready for the next phase of their education.
At Abbey Mead Primary Academy, RE is challenging, inspiring, fun and multi-sensory. Learning is completed through different media; such as, discussions, dance and drama as well as written work. RE is taught as an individual discipline which focuses on providing the children with key knowledge and skills related to specific religions. It is practical where possible, teaching is supplemented with trips to places of worship or visits from people from religious communities. We want children to be able to describe and explain, with confidence, their personal ideas about religion, beliefs and spirituality.

Celebrations at Abbey

Abbey Mead Primary Academy prides itself with ensuring all festivals are celebrated throughout the year to promote respect and tolerance for all religions. Children, staff and parents value these assemblies, not only to celebrate their own festivals but to also broaden their own knowledge and understanding of festivals that differ to their own. Have a look at the most recent Diwali assembly photos and videos where we were able to celebrate Diwali after Covid. It was a great celebration of Diwali with vibrant colours, an amazing play and fantastic singing from our Year 4s and 6s.

Subject Leader/s

Sophia Sidyot and Helen Fagan Subject Leads


Teachers regularly post amazing examples of RE on our Abbey Mead Twitter feed. Have a look at our twitter feed and the document below to see fantastic learning in action.

RE successes powerpoint 2020-21

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