IMPORTANT – RSE changes (Updated 28/04/20)

Updated 2nd April 2020

Dear parents/carers,

Further to the information uploaded yesterday, please find attached further information in regard to our proposed RSE curriculum.  Our draft curriculum map, clarifies how knowledge will be taught across our school in each year group.  It is designed to provide children with age appropriate knowledge so that they can form an understanding of families, caring and respectful relationships, online relationships and awareness of how to keep themselves safe as set out in the statutory curriculum expectations.

Kindest regards,

Mr Gary Aldred

010420 – RSE Letter to parents (updated)

010420 – Primary RSE expectations

020420 – RSE Presentation for Parents

020420 – RSE Draft Curriculum Map (AMPA)

280420 – TMET RSE Policy V1.0 Draft 4

280420 – Letter to parents – RSE policy


Dear parents and carers,

The Department for Education has announced changes to relationships and sex education (RSE).

These changes will come into effect from September 2020 and all schools will be required to comply with the updated requirements.

This means that we’ll be reviewing our RSE curriculum and policy so we can be sure our RSE provision is appropriate for our pupils based on their:

  • Age
  • Physical and emotional maturity
  • Religious and cultural backgrounds
  • Special educational needs and/or disabilities

We need your feedback to help us do this.

Here’s how you can help:

Due to the current school closures, we are unable to run the focus groups as we had initially intended.  Instead, we welcome our parents to contribute to our consultation through emailing us any questions, comments or queries by emailing us at [email protected] by Wednesday 15th April.  We will then take these into account when drafting out our new RSE policy which will then be shared for further comment.

To help you understand the curriculum requirements we need to meet, please do take a look at the summary of what all pupils are expected to know by the end of primary school.


Thank you for your time and support with this.


Yours sincerely,


Mr G Aldred

18th March 2020
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