Admissions Policy Consultation for 2021 for Abbey Mead

Having joined TMET (The Mead Educational Trust) in September 2019, Abbey Mead Primary Academy is its own admissions authority and as such has to establish its own admissions arrangements. The proposed admissions policy for the 2021/22 academic year can be found on our website. The Academy has decided to remain part of the Leicester City admissions process and, therefore, the Local Authority administers all admissions to the Academy.

The policy is in line with the admissions criteria that Leicester City Council uses for primary schools.

The consultation period runs from 21 October 2019 to 2 December 2019 and allows anyone with an interest (for example parents, other schools and the local community) to comment about the proposed 2021/22 admission arrangements. You can comment by:

  • Writing to: Cathy Brown, The Mead Educational Trust, The Mead Centre, 343 Gipsy Lane, Leicester LE4 9DD
  • Emailing: [email protected]

There is consultation on the admissions arrangements for both Abbey Mead and Kestrel Mead Primary Academies in the Trust so please indicate which academy you are commenting on if appropriate.

23rd August 2019
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